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PA # 19: Steve Mittleman Interview Spotlight: Tag with guest host, Mark Bonto.

PA # 18: Thinning the Herd with Melissa Marrs: Sometimes you just need to rant on those folks we’d like to take out of the human herd.

PA #17: Group Chat, Olympian or Porn Star? : BK tests Tag and Jenny on who knows which is which.

PA #16: Tag’s Skype Date with Gina Grad: Tag talks to Podcaster Gina Grad and goes all schoolboy crush on her.

PA #15: Inappropriate Questions with Lee Arleth: A group chat with comedienne and good friend, Lee Arleth and her new gentleman friend and screenwriter, Carl V. Dupre.

PA #14: Wendy Liebman, Interview Spotlight: Tag talks to comedienne Wendy Liebman.

PA #13: Tom Dreesen, Interview Spotlight: Tag, along with guest host Mark Bonto, get to talk to comedy legend Tom Dreesen about his days opening for Frank Sinatra and being part of the only biracial comedy duo with Tim Reid.

PA #12: Sports Roundtable with Brian Scott: Father Brian and Travis talk to sports commentator Brian Scott about all things sports.

PA #11: The 3 Bulls Hit Session: The guys without Jenny talking but she still makes her thoughts well known.

PA # 10: Craig Shoemaker, Interview Spotlight – Tag talks with comedian, Craig Shoemaker.

PA #9: Bill Linden Part 2 – Mr. Bill visits with Tag again with more great stories.

PA # 8: Finding Love Online – Travis and Father Brian talk to The Human Floor and his new online lady love, Linda Stein as they prepare for their first Face to Floor meeting.

PA #7: Steven Alan Green Interview Spotlight – Tag got to talk to Steven Alan Green, comedian and CEO of The Laughter Foundation, a charity to assist comedians obtain health care and crisis grants so that they can keep the funny running.

PA #6:  Bill Linden Interview Spotlight – This time Bill Linden is in the spotlight telling stories of his life and how he became a gag writer in his retirement.

PA #5: Things You May Not Know with Jenny Coe – The guys go head to head to figure out who said some Famous Last Words.

PA #4: Interview with Brian Scott Mednick– Travis takes some time to talk with filmmaker and author, Brian Scott Mednick.

PA #3: Top Ten Sports Stories of 2011 Travis and Father Brian discuss the sports stories that made headlines in the last year.

PA #2: The Human Floor – Tag’s interview with The Human Floor.

PA #1: Christmas Traditions From Around the World – Released on 12/11 of this year, this was our first offering.

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