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PA #005: Things You May Not Know with Jenny Coe

In this episode of Things You May Not Know with Jenny Coe, the three fellas are pitted against one another in a game called Famous Last Words. Here’s a list of those Famous Last Words. Follow the link and see if you know more than the PA Team. There are hints after each quote to help you out. You can download the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or directly at the link above.


Bony Fingers McGee

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PA #001 Things You May Not Know with Jenny Coe

Download the podcast here: Christmas Traditions from Around the World

Holiday traditions are inevitable. Some are generations old and others start with one’s own children. My sister’s kids have brought two new yearly events into our lives: French Toast on Christmas Morning and Hide the Hammie. The first is rather self explanatory; the second, not so much.

When my nephew was about 3 years old, Cartoon Network showed the Japanese anime, Hamtaro, during the day and he loved the show. For his birthday in October, he received a package of two inch high plastic Hamtaro figurines which he played with and lined up all the time. Then came Christmas and he and his older sister decided to take one Hamtaro toy and hide it amongst all of my sister’s “perfect” decorating (The woman’s very OCD but I love her). They created the game where they took turns and one of them hid the hammie and it was the other one’s job to find it. Every couple of days, “hammie” would move. At the end of Christmas that year, we thought that the game would end and that Hamtaro would go back to his place in the toy line up. Next year came, and back came Hamtaro and the game began again.

The rest of the Hamtaro toys have long since gone but in the Christmas decorations still is that one lone little figurine who is brought out to play his game.

The following are some traditions from around the world that also need explaining.

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More Christmas Goodies from Jen

After my last blog entry, I realized that I missed a LOT of great Christmas music so here’s a few more songs that make the holidays fun.

I made fun of this first song with a parody on my last blog post, but here, I had to be a little more serious. This was my very first favorite Christmas Song (sung here but the ultimate cutie, Michael Buble). I should also apologize to my mother since this song was my first record which I played about a million times when I was 3. Sorry, Ma. We can hardly notice the tick when you hear it now.

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Jen’s Favorite Christmas Stuff

I think everyone who celebrates Christmas has a favorite commercial, song, tradition, whatever. Even in the busy days of December, I thought I’d take some time to share some of my own songs and commercials.

My favorite Christmas commercial is for a local family restaurant chain that anyone outside of the Southwestern Pennsylvania area wouldn’t recognize it but the little star trying to get onto the Christmas Tree is easily recognizable to everyone here. It’s a cartoon representation of the spirit of the season.

Eat N Park Christmas Commercial

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