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PA #040 – Bruce Baum

Comedian Mark Bonto and myself had the privilege to speak with comedian/actor Bruce Baum. Check his new website http://laugharoo.com/ and check him on youtube. Just cool and fun talk with real people. ~ Tag

PA #037 – Erica Rhodes

Erica Rhodes started out as the voice of the conscience of Garrison Keillor on A Prairie Home Companion . She has performed in several movies and TV shows and a very positive upbeat person. Now doing stand-up comedy. Give a listen…

PA #036 – Joe Bolster

Comedian/Actor Mark Bonto and I had a great talk with comedian Joe Bolster. Just a fun time and comedy did show it’s face. Good insight on the business and a fun listen.

PA #018: Thinning the Herd

We’re joined on this episode with Melissa Marrs and eliminating the people that just piss us off! There’s a LOT of laughing during this conversation. Hope you enjoy.

~Bony Fingers McGee

PA #017: A PA Podcast Quickie – Olympian or Porn Star?

A little while ago, we played a game that Brian Kilpatrick thought up just after the Olympics ended. With some of the wild names from around the globe, Tag and I had to figure out whether the name was an Olympian or if it was a Porn Star. Give a listen to see who won. Download directly here: Podcast Quickie

~Bony Fingers McGee

PA #016: Tag’s Skype Date with Gina Grad

Our Adventurer

Podcast Goddess Gina Grad of the Pretty Good Podcast, offered up some of her valuable time and talked with Tag in what was originally supposed to be a thirty minute interview and ended up nearly an hour long and boy was he smitten!

Give us a listen on iTunes, Stitcher or download direct right here: Podcast 16


~Bony Fingers McGee

PA #015: Inappropriate Questions with Lee Arleth

In this full group recording, we had the chance to talk to comedienne Lee Arleth and her boyfriend, screenwriter Carl V. Dupree. Given the maturity level of my fellas, I was amazed that they stuck in there but they were incredibly good sports about the whole thing. Give a listen as the guys ask darn near anything that comes to mind.

~Bony Fingers McGee


Download the podcast:Inappropriate Questions with Lee Arleth

PA #014: Wendy Liebman Interview Spotlight

Hello all our Podcast Peeps! Not long ago, Tag was able to talk to comedian Wendy Liebman, who he is admittedly somewhat sweet on. Even with a little fan boy adoration obvious in his voice, he had a great interview with a fantastically sweet lady.

Give a listen on iTunes, Stitcher or Download directly right here: Wendy Liebman Interview

~Bony Fingers McGee

PA #013: Tom Dreesen Interview Spotlight

Tag, along with guest host Mark Bonto, got the chance to talk with one of their idols of comedy, Tom Dreesen in an incredible 30 minute long interview where he talks about his days as half of the first biracial comedy team with Tim Reid, opening for Frank Sinatra, and stories of being on Johnny Carson. Please listen in to this wonderful and sweet man and his incredible perspective on the world of comedy.

Download the interview from iTunes, Stitcher or directly here: Tom Dreesen Interview Spotlight

Bony Fingers McGee


PA #012: Sports Corner Round Table with Brian Scott

Father Brian and his "sinners"

Not long ago, our two armchair quarterbacks, Travis and Brian Kilpatrick had a round table discussion with sports commentator, Brian Scott. The guys had a long talk and you can hear their thoughts on what’s right and wrong in the sports world and who is going to win in their respective fields. Find out who was right and who was wrong on their choice for the NBA Championship.

Give a listen to this extra special, long episode of The PA Podcast and thanks to Brian Scott for taking his time to chat with the fellas. Download on iTunes, Stitcher, or directly here: Sports Roundtable

~Bony Fingers McGee~

PA #008: Finding Love Online

Download and listen to Podcast 8 here.

Can you find true love online? Travis Cassity and Father Brian undertook a recent call to a couple who seem to have found love on Facebook in a very public and passionate way.  Give a listen as they talk to our previous interviewee, The Human Floor, and his new lady love, Linda Stein.

— Bony Fingers McGee

Travis’ Christmas Tunes

Here are some tunes from Travis’ favorite Christmas Picks.

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Allen Estes is in Trouble!

From our Pokaholics Anonymous Facebook group, our fallen from grace poker, Allen Estes, took a very cavalier attitude toward our Blog, we are now tying his survival to how many people bother to come here from our group to send a comment in our Talk to the Team form.

He needs people to write in with either “Save Estes’ Butt” or “Blow His Ass Up!”. Pick your camp. You have until
Friday Dec. 9th, 2011 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Practice Makes Perfect

Since I’m still new to WordPress and this can be a little confusing when first starting out, I want to practice doing various things when it doesn’t mean shit. I can’t go fucking up when it’s go time, y’know?

First thing I want to do is see if I can figure out how to embed a video. This is one of my favorite songs from Monty Python’s Life of Brian. I could just say that it’s one of my favorite songs as it is.


Cleatus’ Sad Tale

Here’s a sad tale of woe from Cleatus and what poking did to his life.

Cleatus’ story

The BIG Announcement

What started out as a one time event on Facebook has grown… and grown. First it went to a monthly event, then to a group and now…

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