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PA #006: Bill Linden #1 interview with Tag

Download the Interview here:  Podcast #6: PA Interview Spotlight

Recently, Bill Linden, retired Art Director of the Chicago Sun Times, spent some time talking with Brian Sontag. Give a listen to a wonderful man while he shares stories about some incredible life experiences and his current job as a gag writer for several different comic strips.

I have to say that, I personally, had a great time listening to the interview during the editing process and will listen to it again on iTunes.


Bony Fingers McGee


PA #005: Things You May Not Know with Jenny Coe

In this episode of Things You May Not Know with Jenny Coe, the three fellas are pitted against one another in a game called Famous Last Words. Here’s a list of those Famous Last Words. Follow the link and see if you know more than the PA Team. There are hints after each quote to help you out. You can download the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or directly at the link above.


Bony Fingers McGee

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PA #002 – The Human Floor interview with Tag

Part 1

This our first interview on the PA Podcast with World Record Holder, The Human Floor . He provided funny stories about an interesting life. I am sure you all will love it. Not for children mind you, just honest and true to life. Hope you enjoy! ~ Tag

Visit The Human Floor on his Facebook Page: Floor/74089883738  give it a Like!

Tag’s Favorite Christmas Music

Tag’s Christmas Tunes

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