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Our Greatest Sorrow

A tremendous loss

With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of Brian “Tag” Sontag, the voice and heart of The PA Podcast.

Our Adventurer

Tag, our Adventurer and Butter Connoisseur. Fly free, my friend, until we meet again.

He passed away suddenly this last weekend in his home and has left us behind in shock and sadness. The original members: Jenny Coe, Brian Kilpatrick and Travis Cassity are coming together to  honor our friend along with new friends who want to help keep Brian’s memory alive.  So many loved him and we plan to do whatever we can to keep The PA Podcast running.

Please stay tuned for future announcements.


PA #043 – Les Fradkin

Enjoy a talk with musician Les Fradkin. Classically trained on piano and self taught on guitar.  You will hear some of his songs during the talk and some cool history of being in Beatlemania as well. All music is performed by Les on the podcast. Check him on Facebook or at

PA #042 – Jay Mather

Fun talk with poet, comedian and actor Jay Mather. We had a few phone drops and made the best of it in edit, but hey just real people and some fun talk. Hope you enjoy!

PA #041 – Rocky LaPorte

Had a great talk with comedian Rocky LaPorte. Just real people sharing thoughts about life and comedy. Hope you all enjoy!

PA #040 – Bruce Baum

Comedian Mark Bonto and myself had the privilege to speak with comedian/actor Bruce Baum. Check his new website and check him on youtube. Just cool and fun talk with real people. ~ Tag

PA #039 – Dion Vincent

Just a cool dude to talk with Dion and check him on youtube and other venues! Tag certified. We hit the topics and laugh a lot. enjoy ~ Tag

PA #035 – Geechy Guy

Myself and comedian/actor Mark Bonto had the pleasure to talk with comedian Geechy Guy. We were shooting for 30 minutes or so, but turned into an hour. That is how fun it was to talk with him. Hope you all enjoy!

PA #034 Luis Frontany

Mark Bonto joined me on this one with one of our favorite COT on FB friends Luis. It was just three guys having a good talk about comedy and other things. Luis Frontany is a cool dude and funny guy. I wish him all the best. Both guys made my day.  ~ TAG

PA #033: Holidays 2013

We got together to reminisce about some Christmas and New Years special moments.

We laughed, we cried and I even got verklempt, but had lots of fun!

Enjoy!  TAG

PA #032: Carrie Couzens

We had a great conversation with our Facebook friend, Carrie Couzens! From England to Brooklyn and stories in between. You will love the accent and her quick wit and interesting talk as we did.

PA #031: Travis Simmons

Jen and BK join me in a fun talk with comedian Travis Simmons. It gets heavy in thought, but funny is not lost on this conversation. We get some impressions and enlightenment and we will surely will have back for more fun.

PA #030: David Feldman

A very special episode with the team and the Emmy Award winning comedy writer David Feldman. It was real and honest and gritty and totally funny! Just a good listen! Please enjoy!

PA #029: Dana Friedman

Tag did solo on this, but a great talk and good fun with new comedian Dana Friedman

PA #028: Dan McGowan

We enjoyed such a fun talk with Dan. He is a clean comic, but not a prude. Just a cool guy. Join me, Jenny Coe and Brian Kilpatrick on a Laff Attact! Hope you enjoy as I did. Have fun and make someone laugh.

PA #027: Aaron Campbell and Bob Obst

Just a fun podcast with a couple of very funny comedians! We had a blast, hope you enjoy as we did.

Aaron Campbell and Bob Obst

PA #026: Cathy Ladman

Jen, BK and I had a great conversation with the amazing and talented comedian Cathy Ladman! We talk about life and comedy scene. Good fun and just like friends hanging out. A good listen.

Dedicated to Buddy the cat. We miss you!

PA #025: Mike Canestaro

After a buttload of delays involving overwork, a shoddy internet connection and everything else that could possibly go wrong, I have FINALLY managed to bring up this interview with Dayton area comedian (and Chemistry teacher), Mike Canestaro.

Give it a listen and enjoy this little interview filled with fun.


~Bony Fingers McGee

PA #024: Steve Bluestein

On this episode, we talk to very funny comedian, poet and author of the book, It’s So Hard To Type With A Gun In My Mouth, Stephen Bluestein. He has stories not only from his days as a comic but just in his life that are so filled with emotion that I laugh and cried along with the stories he wrote.

Listen to 47 minutes of pure wonderful talk with Steve. You can also buy his book on, and Barnes and

~Bony Finger McGee

PA #023: Karen Rontowski Quickie

She might have missed getting to talk to Tony Calabrese in our last episode but getting to talk to her on her own was one heck of a treat. This is a short one, just over 17 minutes but filled with fun. Listen in and enjoy!

~Bony Fingers McGee

PA #022: Tony Calabrese

Tag and BK got to talk to comedian and president of his very own bank, Tony Calabrese. He has some great stories of both working in comedy and in banking, including some of actually having been in robberies!

Enjoy this latest episode.

~Bony Fingers McGee