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PA #043 – Les Fradkin

Enjoy a talk with musician Les Fradkin. Classically trained on piano and self taught on guitar.  You will hear some of his songs during the talk and some cool history of being in Beatlemania as well. All music is performed by Les on the podcast. Check him on Facebook or at

PA #042 – Jay Mather

Fun talk with poet, comedian and actor Jay Mather. We had a few phone drops and made the best of it in edit, but hey just real people and some fun talk. Hope you enjoy!

PA #034 Luis Frontany

Mark Bonto joined me on this one with one of our favorite COT on FB friends Luis. It was just three guys having a good talk about comedy and other things. Luis Frontany is a cool dude and funny guy. I wish him all the best. Both guys made my day.  ~ TAG

PA #031: Travis Simmons

Jen and BK join me in a fun talk with comedian Travis Simmons. It gets heavy in thought, but funny is not lost on this conversation. We get some impressions and enlightenment and we will surely will have back for more fun.

PA #030: David Feldman

A very special episode with the team and the Emmy Award winning comedy writer David Feldman. It was real and honest and gritty and totally funny! Just a good listen! Please enjoy!

PA #029: Dana Friedman

Tag did solo on this, but a great talk and good fun with new comedian Dana Friedman

PA #010: Craig Shoemaker interview with Tag

Tag recently had the opportunity to have a chat with comedian and all around great guy, Craig Shoemaker. Sit and have a listen to Craig talk about his early life in Philadelphia, the genesis of The Love Master, and his terrific impersonations.

Editing this podcast was just an absolute joy for me and had me laughing out loud each time I listened. Craig, if you see this post, I loved listening to you and hope we will hear from you again some time.

Catch us on iTunes, Stitcher, or download directly here: Podcast #10: Interview Spotlight with Craig Shoemaker

Also, visit Craig on his website:

~Bony Fingers McGee


PA #009: Bill Linden 2nd with Tag

One of our favorites, comic gag writer and all around funny fella Bill Linden joins Tag for another chat. More of his stories and a lot of laughs.

Listen to us on iTunes, Stitcher, or download here: Interview with Bill Linden 2

PA #007: Steven Alan Green interview with Tag

Download the podcast here: Podcast #7

Not long ago, Tag was able to have a chat with actor, comedian, producer and CEO of The Laughter Foundation, Steven Alan Green. Steven worked The Comedy Store in the 80’s and extensively in the UK for over twenty years. He is now back in the U.S. and has founded The Laughter Foundation, a charity designed to help comedians gain access to quality health care and other assistance measures.

Give a listen as Steven regales us with stories from his days at The Comedy Store and talks about his foundation that benefits comedians and his upcoming events.

The Laughter Foundation is a very worthwhile charity that will help those folks with the guts to get up on stage to make fun of this silly world we live in stay healthy and keep the comedy rolling in for years to come.

You can download the Steven Alan Green interview at the link above or on iTunes and Stitcher. Always free, hopefully also always funny.

Bony Fingers McGee

PA #006: Bill Linden #1 interview with Tag

Download the Interview here:  Podcast #6: PA Interview Spotlight

Recently, Bill Linden, retired Art Director of the Chicago Sun Times, spent some time talking with Brian Sontag. Give a listen to a wonderful man while he shares stories about some incredible life experiences and his current job as a gag writer for several different comic strips.

I have to say that, I personally, had a great time listening to the interview during the editing process and will listen to it again on iTunes.


Bony Fingers McGee


PA #004: Brian Scott Mednick, Travis’ Interview

Download the latest podcast directly here: Podcast 4: Interview with Brian Scott Mednick or on iTunes and Stitcher.

Travis was fortunate enough this week to be able to talk to author, filmmaker and comedian Brian Scott Mednick about his book, Gene Wilder: Funny and Sad, a biography on one of the great, funny men in the entertainment business. Listen as Brian gives us his insights on an incredibly talented, yet very private, man.

Our Spotlight Question of the Week: What was YOUR favorite Gene Wilder movie?

Let us hear from you in the comments. — Bony Fingers McGee

PA #002 – The Human Floor interview with Tag

Part 1

This our first interview on the PA Podcast with World Record Holder, The Human Floor . He provided funny stories about an interesting life. I am sure you all will love it. Not for children mind you, just honest and true to life. Hope you enjoy! ~ Tag

Visit The Human Floor on his Facebook Page: Floor/74089883738  give it a Like!