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PA #024: Steve Bluestein

On this episode, we talk to very funny comedian, poet and author of the book, It’s So Hard To Type With A Gun In My Mouth, Stephen Bluestein. He has stories not only from his days as a comic but just in his life that are so filled with emotion that I laugh and cried along with the stories he wrote.

Listen to 47 minutes of pure wonderful talk with Steve. You can also buy his book on, and Barnes and

~Bony Finger McGee

PA #023: Karen Rontowski Quickie

She might have missed getting to talk to Tony Calabrese in our last episode but getting to talk to her on her own was one heck of a treat. This is a short one, just over 17 minutes but filled with fun. Listen in and enjoy!

~Bony Fingers McGee

PA #022: Tony Calabrese

Tag and BK got to talk to comedian and president of his very own bank, Tony Calabrese. He has some great stories of both working in comedy and in banking, including some of actually having been in robberies!

Enjoy this latest episode.

~Bony Fingers McGee

PA #021: Interview Spotlight with Ritch Shydner

The two Brians and Jenny, along with guest host Mark Bonto, talk with comedian and writer Ritch Shydner. He recalls his best and worst times in stand up and his transition to family man and writing.  An hour and six minutes of comedy goodness.

~Bony Fingers McGee

PA #020: WDF, Exaggerators Anonymous and Us

Tag, Jenny and Father Brian got the chance to talk with Facebook friend, Doug Freeman. He’s incredibly funny and was quick to turn the interview tables on the hosts. Give a listen on iTunes, Stitcher or directly from the download link. Better move fast, just in case the Mayans were right!

~Bony Fingers McGee

PA #019 Steve Mittleman, guest host Mark Bonto.

Mark Bonto and I did this a few months ago, Life Happens and so the delay. But a great conversation with a comic and actor I respect. Listen in.

PA #018: Thinning the Herd

We’re joined on this episode with Melissa Marrs and eliminating the people that just piss us off! There’s a LOT of laughing during this conversation. Hope you enjoy.

~Bony Fingers McGee

PA #017: A PA Podcast Quickie – Olympian or Porn Star?

A little while ago, we played a game that Brian Kilpatrick thought up just after the Olympics ended. With some of the wild names from around the globe, Tag and I had to figure out whether the name was an Olympian or if it was a Porn Star. Give a listen to see who won. Download directly here: Podcast Quickie

~Bony Fingers McGee

PA #016: Tag’s Skype Date with Gina Grad

Our Adventurer

Podcast Goddess Gina Grad of the Pretty Good Podcast, offered up some of her valuable time and talked with Tag in what was originally supposed to be a thirty minute interview and ended up nearly an hour long and boy was he smitten!

Give us a listen on iTunes, Stitcher or download direct right here: Podcast 16


~Bony Fingers McGee

PA #015: Inappropriate Questions with Lee Arleth

In this full group recording, we had the chance to talk to comedienne Lee Arleth and her boyfriend, screenwriter Carl V. Dupree. Given the maturity level of my fellas, I was amazed that they stuck in there but they were incredibly good sports about the whole thing. Give a listen as the guys ask darn near anything that comes to mind.

~Bony Fingers McGee


Download the podcast:Inappropriate Questions with Lee Arleth

PA #014: Wendy Liebman Interview Spotlight

Hello all our Podcast Peeps! Not long ago, Tag was able to talk to comedian Wendy Liebman, who he is admittedly somewhat sweet on. Even with a little fan boy adoration obvious in his voice, he had a great interview with a fantastically sweet lady.

Give a listen on iTunes, Stitcher or Download directly right here: Wendy Liebman Interview

~Bony Fingers McGee

PA #013: Tom Dreesen Interview Spotlight

Tag, along with guest host Mark Bonto, got the chance to talk with one of their idols of comedy, Tom Dreesen in an incredible 30 minute long interview where he talks about his days as half of the first biracial comedy team with Tim Reid, opening for Frank Sinatra, and stories of being on Johnny Carson. Please listen in to this wonderful and sweet man and his incredible perspective on the world of comedy.

Download the interview from iTunes, Stitcher or directly here: Tom Dreesen Interview Spotlight

Bony Fingers McGee


PA #012: Sports Corner Round Table with Brian Scott

Father Brian and his "sinners"

Not long ago, our two armchair quarterbacks, Travis and Brian Kilpatrick had a round table discussion with sports commentator, Brian Scott. The guys had a long talk and you can hear their thoughts on what’s right and wrong in the sports world and who is going to win in their respective fields. Find out who was right and who was wrong on their choice for the NBA Championship.

Give a listen to this extra special, long episode of The PA Podcast and thanks to Brian Scott for taking his time to chat with the fellas. Download on iTunes, Stitcher, or directly here: Sports Roundtable

~Bony Fingers McGee~

PA #011: The 3 Bulls Hit Session

This podcast is very different from what we’ve done so far and I think you all will like it a lot. Please give a listen as the guys got together and had a chat together one evening. I wasn’t around but they seemed to have gotten along all right without me. Download on iTunes, Stitcher or direct here.


~Bony Fingers McGee

PA #010: Craig Shoemaker interview with Tag

Tag recently had the opportunity to have a chat with comedian and all around great guy, Craig Shoemaker. Sit and have a listen to Craig talk about his early life in Philadelphia, the genesis of The Love Master, and his terrific impersonations.

Editing this podcast was just an absolute joy for me and had me laughing out loud each time I listened. Craig, if you see this post, I loved listening to you and hope we will hear from you again some time.

Catch us on iTunes, Stitcher, or download directly here: Podcast #10: Interview Spotlight with Craig Shoemaker

Also, visit Craig on his website:

~Bony Fingers McGee


PA #009: Bill Linden 2nd with Tag

One of our favorites, comic gag writer and all around funny fella Bill Linden joins Tag for another chat. More of his stories and a lot of laughs.

Listen to us on iTunes, Stitcher, or download here: Interview with Bill Linden 2

PA #008: Finding Love Online

Download and listen to Podcast 8 here.

Can you find true love online? Travis Cassity and Father Brian undertook a recent call to a couple who seem to have found love on Facebook in a very public and passionate way.  Give a listen as they talk to our previous interviewee, The Human Floor, and his new lady love, Linda Stein.

— Bony Fingers McGee

PA #007: Steven Alan Green interview with Tag

Download the podcast here: Podcast #7

Not long ago, Tag was able to have a chat with actor, comedian, producer and CEO of The Laughter Foundation, Steven Alan Green. Steven worked The Comedy Store in the 80’s and extensively in the UK for over twenty years. He is now back in the U.S. and has founded The Laughter Foundation, a charity designed to help comedians gain access to quality health care and other assistance measures.

Give a listen as Steven regales us with stories from his days at The Comedy Store and talks about his foundation that benefits comedians and his upcoming events.

The Laughter Foundation is a very worthwhile charity that will help those folks with the guts to get up on stage to make fun of this silly world we live in stay healthy and keep the comedy rolling in for years to come.

You can download the Steven Alan Green interview at the link above or on iTunes and Stitcher. Always free, hopefully also always funny.

Bony Fingers McGee

PA #006: Bill Linden #1 interview with Tag

Download the Interview here:  Podcast #6: PA Interview Spotlight

Recently, Bill Linden, retired Art Director of the Chicago Sun Times, spent some time talking with Brian Sontag. Give a listen to a wonderful man while he shares stories about some incredible life experiences and his current job as a gag writer for several different comic strips.

I have to say that, I personally, had a great time listening to the interview during the editing process and will listen to it again on iTunes.


Bony Fingers McGee


PA #005: Things You May Not Know with Jenny Coe

In this episode of Things You May Not Know with Jenny Coe, the three fellas are pitted against one another in a game called Famous Last Words. Here’s a list of those Famous Last Words. Follow the link and see if you know more than the PA Team. There are hints after each quote to help you out. You can download the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or directly at the link above.


Bony Fingers McGee

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