PA #043 – Les Fradkin

Enjoy a talk with musician Les Fradkin. Classically trained on piano and self taught on guitar.  You will hear some of his songs during the talk and some cool history of being in Beatlemania as well. All music is performed by Les on the podcast. Check him on Facebook or at

2 Commentsto PA #043 – Les Fradkin

  1. Jay Mather says:

    Your a Very Gifted Artist
    Loved You and Brain’s Podcast
    This Podcast will Always Touch My Heart
    The Music was Amazing, Learning About Your Life and Music
    and as Brain put it your “LightBulb Moment” 🙂
    It was So Cool To Hear about you at age 13 to Watch the same show I Did Ed Sullivan and Especially when the Beatles were On
    Great Times they were . Thank you Les Good Job!

  2. Jay Mather says:

    Here is a Little More of Les’s Experience in the beatlemania

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