PA #041 – Rocky LaPorte

Had a great talk with comedian Rocky LaPorte. Just real people sharing thoughts about life and comedy. Hope you all enjoy!

2 Commentsto PA #041 – Rocky LaPorte

  1. Donna Buettner says:

    There is not a nicer guy in the business. Rocky is so funny. His unique style is always great for a wonderful show. Down to earth, guy next door, everyone’s buddy! I love this interview. Great podcast 😆

  2. Sharon Mander says:

    Hello, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed listening to your Podcast, with Rocky LaPorte. I heard about him, a couple of years ago, and I’ve been a fan of his, ever since. I like Rocky LaPorte’s personality, because he is very down-to-earth, genuine, friendly, and very funny. Rocky’s comedy is top of the line, and it was great to hear that he writes all his own material! I liked your interview with him, because it was very informal, and allowed your listener’s to feel almost like, they were there, too. Good luck to both of you in your futures in comedy! God Bless. 🙂 Sharon Mander

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