Jen’s Favorite Christmas Stuff

I think everyone who celebrates Christmas has a favorite commercial, song, tradition, whatever. Even in the busy days of December, I thought I’d take some time to share some of my own songs and commercials.

My favorite Christmas commercial is for a local family restaurant chain that anyone outside of the Southwestern Pennsylvania area wouldn’t recognize it but the little star trying to get onto the Christmas Tree is easily recognizable to everyone here. It’s a cartoon representation of the spirit of the season.

Eat N Park Christmas Commercial

Now, moving on to some good Christmas Music. I can’t stand the slow crap. I mean some of it is great but too much makes me want to hang myself. I guess that’s why I tend to lean toward the really warped and silly stuff.  To start out, I’ll go with another local funny. It makes fun of the local dialect.

Santa Claus is Comin’ Dahntahn

Laughing is, in my opinion, one of the cornerstones to a good life, even when it’s SO sick and twisted.

Bob Rivers’ Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire

Okay, this next song has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can recall. Even as an adult, hearing the beginning of this song makes me instantly happy.

Snoopy vs. The Red Baron

Enjoy your Christmas/Chanukah/Festivus/whatever you choose to celebrate this season. As for me, I’ll have a Merry Christmas with my family. What are some of your favorite holiday things?

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